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GOLD BABY – 500/1

This is just a bad dream… When a band takes its name from one of Sylvia Plath’s most famous poems, it can only be a good thing. Such is the case with Siân Alex’s indie-pop combo Gold Baby, who return … Read More


Here are the fragments… As a musician, Hannah Peel has always been keen to expand her musical boundaries and explore ever-more esoteric outings. Take her 2010 EP Rebox for instance which featured music box covers of classic synth-pop tunes, including … Read More

A VOID – Awkward And Devastated

Such things can’t last forever From the opening moments of this album with the tumbling percussive tones of ‘Bodies Are Dumb’, it’s clear that 3-piece outfit A Void are keen to present a raw guitar-driven sound topped out with plenty … Read More

PIROSHKA – Brickbat

Do we accept our fate? The revival of Lush back in 2015 Was a welcome breath of fresh air – and also a reminder that the 1990s had actually produced some amazing bands, rather than the worst excesses of Britpop … Read More


Clever comedy that delivers Arguably, the whole zombie genre of films has been played out with every possible angle explored in countless films. Likewise, the combination of horror and comedy has given us classics such as Shaun Of The Dead … Read More

The Musical Worlds of BANDERSNATCH

The choice is yours… There’s few shows on TV that have managed to quite engage audiences in the peculiar manner that Black Mirror has achieved. Charlie Brooker’s science fiction-tinged show plays around with stories of technology gone wrong, dystopian futures … Read More

Wavegirl Best Films Of 2018

2018 offered up a lot of worthy contenders in the world of film, many of them spanning a variety of genres. Here’s Wavegirl’s list of the titles that stood out the most… The Shape Of Water Guillermo del Toro’s dark … Read More

Wavegirl Best TV Of 2018

Small screen smashes… 2018 seemed like a generous year for genre shows, particularly for the Netflix/Marvel TV outings. But some old favourites also came back into the mix making for a busy schedule of shows that caught our eye. Here’s … Read More


In the realms of the surreal There’s a strange blurring of the lines between fact and fiction in the film Female Human Animal. Directed by Josh Appignanesi and starring London-based writer Chloe Aridjis, the film opens as a documentary of … Read More