GOLD BABY – What Party?

Guitar party pop

There seems to have been a sea change in the quality of independent guitar outfits in recent years. The post-90s stodge that seemed to be everywhere at one point, surprisingly appears to have largely faded. In its place a selection of more interesting acts are appearing, bands who can craft a tune and offer perhaps a more mercurial set of influences than one might expect.

Previously, we’ve noted the likes of Bruja and Flirting as indie rock outfits worth keeping an eye on. But apparently, it’s not just something that’s restricted to the more culty ends of the music scene either, particularly with the success of Mercury Prize winners Wolf Alice being a prime example.

Gold Baby are a new 4-piece outfit that draw from grunge and indie-rock to present a spikey number for debut release ‘What Party?’. Consisting of Siân Alex (vocals, guitar), Sam Asbury (guitar, backing vocals), Andrew Myors (bass) and Ian Lee (drums) Gold Baby emerged from the North London set, all finding a mutual musical purpose. With a rough suggestion that their sound brings to mind Kim Deal accidentally spending a night backstage at a Taylor Swift show, Gold Baby do seem keen to keep to the rockier end of the musical spectrum on this particular outing.

Billed as “a party anthem for people with no friends”, ‘What Party?’ Draws together layered guitar elements with Siân Alex’s dense vocal delivery. At times there’s hints of Tanya Donelly in the singing style (Sam Asbury’s backing vocals also seem reminiscent of that emphatic Arab Strap-era Belle & Sebastian sound). There’s also a wry sense of humour in the lyrics that resonates with anyone who’s attended a party in the past (“what party? raise your hands if you want to go home”).

‘What Party?’ delivers a raw, unpolished sound that brings with it a dynamism that’s certainly a welcome element in the current music climate. The new tune also represents the band’s first single outing (a second release is mooted for later in the year with plans for more scheduled for early 2019).

With some live dates on the schedule, you may want to mark your calendars to catch the guitar goodness of Gold Baby first hand.

‘What Party?’ is released Friday 5th October.

Gold Baby will be performing live at The Shackwell Arms 5th October and DIY Space For London on 25th October.​

Main photo: Keira Anee Photography.