Princess Century offers up a bonus selection of electronic delights…

With the release of 2015’s Progress, Princess Century (aka Maya Postepksi) had successfully stepped up from her debut album Lossless as well as demonstrated that the Toronto musician’s work with the likes of Austra and Trust weren’t the sole limits of her talents.

The tracks on new EP Rendezvous were recorded during the original Progress sessions, but had been shelved from inclusion as they didn’t quite fit the vibe of Progress. “The tracks didn’t quite work on the album” according to Maya, “but I felt they shared a weird Krauty EDM vibe…I love the concept they tied in with the single, Rendezvous: a meeting with someone that is arranged for a particular time and place and that is often secret.”



‘Robber’ employs buzzy electronica as the foundation for a starkly disconcerting slice of electronica. As with other Princess Century material, the music can offer up a cryptic – at times sinister – feel to them and ‘Robber’ is no exception.

Meanwhile, the warmer tones of ‘Wet’ delivers a more abstract approach with its squelchy synths and layered electronic appeal.

The title track actually has a slighter older heritage than the Progress material, having originally appeared on a Stellar Kinematics compilation back in 2013. Underpinned by a driving synthetic bass, ‘Rendezvous’ has a percussive appeal that offers a nod to the bassy tones of Austra, while also weaving in the sweeping electronic washes of the likes of Jean Michel Jarre. It’s new guise also drops in some additional reedy synth fills to give the tune a much more expansive feel.

To accompany the EP’s release, a new video for ‘Rendezvous’ has also been released directed by Patricia Aldridge (who previously worked with Maya on videos for the likes of ‘Discoset’ and ‘Sunscream’). The psychedelic qualities of the video have a science fiction quality that Aldridge herself describes in part as Maya having “intercourse with the universe”. It’s wild, it’s trippy and it’s brilliant.

Rendezvous is released by Paper Bag Records and is available now.

You can stream the Rendezvous tracks on the Brooklyn Vegan website.