GOLD BABY – 500/1

This is just a bad dream…

When a band takes its name from one of Sylvia Plath’s most famous poems, it can only be a good thing. Such is the case with Siân Alex’s indie-pop combo Gold Baby, who return with the evocative ‘500/1’.

Previously, Gold Baby had delivered the raw guitars of ‘What Party?’ (Billed as “a party anthem for people with no friends”) and the breezy pop of ‘Maggots’.

‘500/1’ sees Siân in a more reflective mood as she converses with a younger doe-eyed version of herself, bitterly measuring up the years that have passed between them.

As a song it presents an interesting contrast between wistful musings on the passage of time – and the more frenetic chorus. It also provides a showcase for the wide range of Siân’s voice.

In a live environment, ‘500/1’ delivers an impressive kick (as we discovered when Gold Baby performed at The Waiting Room in December 2018). But even here in its recorded incarnation, the song has a particular power through its fuzzy guitar goodness with lyrics that will likely resonate with anyone unsure of where their lives have taken them in the past fifteen years (“All I’ve learned is duller ways to waste my time”).

As with the words of Sylvia Plath, there’s both a confessional tone to the lyrics here as well as a particular power to their structure.

“My Polly-Anne
My Honeybee
Say there’s hope for me”

There’s a cryptic quality to the words (childhood nicknames? childhood friends?) but they’re delivered with a vitality that’s delivered with an emotional punch. Meanwhile, the guitars kick in with a surprising energy to accompany Alex’s extraordinary voice.

‘500/1’ will be released 10th July 2019.

Gold Baby have live dates in London scheduled for: 15th July Shackwell Arms, 27th July The Finsbury and 8th November The Finsbury.​